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World of Warships [SOI] Many GEOs

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Hey there, have you ever suspected your phone of having a virus?
Comment from : BRIGHT SIDE

just use nokia 3310 so theres 100% impossible that that virus can harm your phone
Comment from : DogieFromYoutube

streetwise prime100
I have a virus it's called Ads on YouTube
Comment from : streetwise prime100

Fayzulla Pulatov
My tablet turtle is keeping Wolverine fast
Comment from : Fayzulla Pulatov

Sabah Abdiilahi
Okay so I went on the website and they told me that checking if I was a robot or not and then he just said oh we have a virus and it took me to App Store and download the app then all the reviews were good but I didn’t really trust it because it might have been fake I did download it and I don’t want to do my phone and have a virus I cleared everything but there still is suspicious about my phone. Okay So I’m on the app the app just keeps on turning off my phone just keeps on turning off and on off and on off and on safe I’m on Snapchat you keep on turning off and on off and on and then I want to see what the person text it just happens a lot a lot a lot and I don’t really have a virus or not
Comment from : Sabah Abdiilahi

Toby ._.
I literally don’t have the blue Tooth symbol on my phone
Comment from : Toby ._.

SpaceBacon BreadMan
Why would someone believe Bright side to know what a Virus is
Comment from : SpaceBacon BreadMan

Baraw Kul
If you want to flush the virus just rebot all Information. Don't let the recovery mode on if you rebot your phone its Being use less if the recovery mode is on
Comment from : Baraw Kul

I have virus in my battery
Comment from : BlazePlayz

No Resulst found
I hate who created virus
Comment from : No Resulst found

Wei Zheng
5:05 they say android phones but they showed an iphone 😂😂😂
Comment from : Wei Zheng

banana beast
did anybody see johndoes email?
Comment from : banana beast

Half-life fan 39
BS: your phone draining faster means virus
Me an actual smart human being: or I downloaded more ap-
BS: sHuTtHeFuCkUp

Comment from : Half-life fan 39

tell me one time a phone has a virus
Comment from : Leron

Sunshine Gaming
Is one virus something that can move by itself my iPad/phone moves by it self like it presses random games
Comment from : Sunshine Gaming

Kylie Turner
i’m so scared i think i have one and i don’t wanna tell my dad
Comment from : Kylie Turner

Despacito Spider
is there a way to get rid of these viruses?
Comment from : Despacito Spider

Spooky Cookie
My phone battery goes down quite fast and sometimes my FaceTimes randomly end... oof but only those
Comment from : Spooky Cookie

this is the reason i only download apps from Google play
Comment from : a5e26

Meh Dude
I had 20% batery when i sleep and when i waked up 1%,but i realize that i left the vpn activated.
Comment from : Meh Dude

zoukology y
I had the ad one it was something like a camera but it was a virus i deleted it it was on my old phone
Comment from : zoukology y

Logan Lamb
While im watching #### another tab opens that says i have viruses is that a scam
Comment from : Logan Lamb

Pe Lo
There’s only on thing to say

Databrawl the game

Comment from : Pe Lo

I protect my phone with me

Yes antiviruses r nothin

Comment from : greenghost110

Ventrys Tries Gaming
i have 6 viruses
Comment from : Ventrys Tries Gaming

coolman sayan
Ur thumbnail is showing that Bluetooth is an antivirus😂
Comment from : coolman sayan

Gaming Pro2004
I just got something that told me 8 viruses 😨😨😨
Comment from : Gaming Pro2004

Kaileb Porter
I don’t think if you download a app from the App Store you’ll get a virus right???
Comment from : Kaileb Porter

Lufalan Pasalan
Avast Mobile Security for Android
Avast Secure Me for IOS

No.1 solution 👍

Comment from : Lufalan Pasalan

Jonbenilde Concepcion
I think “iPhone” cannot have viruses! Unlike android, laptop, usb, and many more that is not an apple device! Apple is very expensive and imported or branded that is very nice, and the difference between Android and iPhone is:

iPhone: Not lagging, very fast, not be able to have viruses, and many more!

Android: lagging even if the storage is not full, can have viruses, local, easily be broken, battery is very local, easily explode!

I’m an iPhone user, I hate android! I can’t even touch it! Ugh!

Comment from : Jonbenilde Concepcion

Maresa Entrampas
hi whats the powerful anti virus for android ?
Comment from : Maresa Entrampas

The Benz
I didn't installed my settings it means I got a virus!!
Comment from : The Benz

duvidutz z
The dumbest things i heard in my life. A real malware creator, would never tell you, you have a virus, or he would optimise the App, to run in slow performances in background
Comment from : duvidutz z

Jared Thomas
According to the thumbnail, you gotta have airpods to not have a virus
Comment from : Jared Thomas

Playerza64 GD
I know I’m hacked when I don’t have that blue tooth logo in my screen
Comment from : Playerza64 GD

IzzaBella Vangale
What if when you open the website it says your iPhone has been infected do not close this
Comment from : IzzaBella Vangale

The dust King
My iPad is like a broken tv
Comment from : The dust King

My phones randomly playing music
Comment from : justinchad109

Willburn Family
You are four times more likely to get viruses from religious websites than pornograghy websites
Comment from : Willburn Family

I'm scared of viruses
Comment from : Superninja0110

niTr0 9
Idk replace ur sim card
Comment from : niTr0 9

niTr0 9
Idk google is telling me i have one my Bluetooth icon is missing and im woried... i should visit an expert
Comment from : niTr0 9

Bleach Lover
1 yes but when i Play roblox
2 no
3 IT used to
4 no
5 no
6 when I’m Playing in the car Or its a hot day
7 idk
8 idk
9 no
Trojan no
Phishing no
Worm no
Adware maybe?? I don’t think so
Ransomware no

Comment from : Bleach Lover

1k subs without a video?
Once I downloaded a "game", I passed the 1st level and got bored, after like 2 hours, I searched for the game on my phone apps and it wasn't there, then I went into my phone storage and found it there, then I tried to open it from there, but the open button was disabled the you know what I did...

Obviously, I deleted it

Comment from : 1k subs without a video?

Kan Ming
I also have a virus
Comment from : Kan Ming

john agnawi
cause of draining of battery faster is charging it while using .
Comment from : john agnawi

SentinelandRosestudios Gaming
On the thumbnail, the difference of the virus and the no virus is the bluetooth sign!
Comment from : SentinelandRosestudios Gaming

Um Nobody/Gay Maximilianmus
Virse ain't real smh
Comment from : Um Nobody/Gay Maximilianmus

Aaron Gamer
I use a anime site called go go anime at your stream it it brings you onto a website I delete them though but then before a website said my phone is damaged by 21 percent due to virus so I downloaded a vpn called Luna do you know what else I should do
Comment from : Aaron Gamer

Edwin Valentin
Only old phones like I have a iPhone 5 and when I play pixel guns on battle royal mainland it sometimes kicks me out
Comment from : Edwin Valentin

Edwin Valentin
Doesn’t your phone turns hot when u use it because mine does and when I don’t use it it’s not hot
Comment from : Edwin Valentin

swaet xneon
Can u do a face reval
Comment from : swaet xneon

andria khutsishvili
Bright side: it might be your little brother
Me: I don't have a brother (rude)

Comment from : andria khutsishvili

orville john elegino
Virus?? Reformat your phone. That's the easiest way to deal with it. Though it sacrifices some of your important data.
Comment from : orville john elegino

Jamison Quiver
My phone says it’s 28.1% damaged what should I do?
Comment from : Jamison Quiver

based on the thumbnail, my phone has a virus
Comment from : Shaggy

Jessie 2 point o
My phone is burning hot because i use it too much. It happens commonly
Comment from : Jessie 2 point o

Something Random
Pop-ups like YouTube and Twitter
Comment from : Something Random

Something Random
Call diruptions = 1g service with 1 bar
I have bad service

Comment from : Something Random

Something Random
If you’re phone overheats it could be a black phone in a black case with dark mode or the phone is in a toaster
Comment from : Something Random

Something Random
OMG i don’t have Bluetooth on I have a virus XD
Comment from : Something Random

Bruddahs Ataco
Comment from : Bruddahs Ataco

Irfan Shaffa
First of all, stop making videos with completely useless intro music that waste people's time watching this with a virus attacking the phone. Everyone is watching this video with a purpose not to enjoy your horrible choice of music
Comment from : Irfan Shaffa

devil zone
My phone is secured by knox so it can barely get infected
Comment from : devil zone

Vaibhav Aggarwal
I knew I knew it that my phone had a virus but now I'm confirmed. It has because my apps have crashed earlier before and even YouTube crashed while watching this video. And few of my phone calls have been interrupted earlier and I thought of it to be a network problem.
Comment from : Vaibhav Aggarwal

My phone downloads unfamiliar apps without me not even downloading it, am i hacked?
Comment from : Matt832

jamees and justin loser_jamees
I have a virus in my Phone cuz something started to pop UP!?
Comment from : jamees and justin loser_jamees

Lorenzo Neblina jr
These junk devices were created to watch and spy on you, it literatly IS a virus.
Comment from : Lorenzo Neblina jr

horse hung
comment here
Comment from : horse hung

Airra Rafe Moon
How can I stop virus anyway?

My phone is always log when I use wifi and my phone battery also easily got drained easily.

Comment from : Airra Rafe Moon

Raman Deep
Comment from : Raman Deep

Rhe - Dum - Men
Mine always pause what does it mean
Comment from : Rhe - Dum - Men

Good thing I disabled background
Comment from : GAMERTV

subscribe of you love all the YouTubers Sarwar
HOLLY my phone had a virus but the virus broke my phone it WASENT hacked
Comment from : subscribe of you love all the YouTubers Sarwar

BroadmoorSirenFan YT
I don't see my Bluetooth icon
Comment from : BroadmoorSirenFan YT

Hallie Bru
It overheats playing roblox is it still has a virus?????
Comment from : Hallie Bru

Olivia Anderson
Things are easier said than done,but contact this pro hacker via WhatsApp: +1(518)6770411,email: hacktechxxx@gmail com,instagram id: lordjhacks,and thank me later. He can help you get verified on instagram and that can only be a good thing for you, if you're an upcoming star in showbiz. He helped me recover my disabled instagram account and I'm sure he's done a lotta other successful instagram hacks as I'm a testament of his hacking skills,he is tested and reliable. He's very efficient with jobs and I'm very grateful to him. Contact!
Comment from : Olivia Anderson

Olivia Anderson
Things are easier said than done,but contact this pro hacker via WhatsApp: +1(518)6770411,email: hacktechxxx@gmail com,instagram id: lordjhacks,and thank me later. He can help you get verified on instagram and that can only be a good thing for you, if you're an upcoming star in showbiz. He helped me recover my disabled instagram account and I'm sure he's done a lotta other successful instagram hacks as I'm a testament of his hacking skills,he is tested and reliable. He's very efficient with jobs and I'm very grateful to him. Contact!
Comment from : Olivia Anderson

sundie pietszak
What does it mean when your device gets adds when ur not even in an app and after a while it wont turn back on thats what happened with my old amazon tablet
Comment from : sundie pietszak

sundie pietszak
My old tablet died fast
Comment from : sundie pietszak

Naty Achumi
1:30 that chick is gorgeous......
Comment from : Naty Achumi

candygamer gwc
Can you do a dark side😈
Comment from : candygamer gwc

Zoe Pham
Comment from : Zoe Pham

Melisa Kowalska
10 Glichtes When On A App
Comment from : Melisa Kowalska

Radu Ioan
How do i delete the virus
Comment from : Radu Ioan

Estatia Animate
Yeah, also, some apps can drain some battery, so, I don’t think so.
Comment from : Estatia Animate

Biteki ღ Anime
Can you please make a video on how to remove these? Please? I need major help!
Comment from : Biteki ღ Anime

Jeff Grant
I do AVG
Comment from : Jeff Grant

Unicorn Rockets
Your battery drains from apps running in the background, Needs new battery, Or your screen is to bright
Comment from : Unicorn Rockets

Minecrafter - Gameplay, Stop Motions And More!
9:00 Stickmen strike again
Comment from : Minecrafter - Gameplay, Stop Motions And More!

Minecrafter - Gameplay, Stop Motions And More!
2:35 don't pick up the phone
Comment from : Minecrafter - Gameplay, Stop Motions And More!

Minecrafter - Gameplay, Stop Motions And More!
0:35 worstever
Comment from : Minecrafter - Gameplay, Stop Motions And More!

Phone Overheats.
Comment from : Ehm

Is it normal when an app asks for location accsess
Comment from : UwU TUBE

Thegamingjye TGJ
If you ever get virus is there away you can get them away all can you keep your phone and just say there’s a virus on your phone and I want to know if there’s any viruses what can track your location I just want to know
Comment from : Thegamingjye TGJ

My phon is noob bro
Comment from : TheCarolrita

Leah M.
Does installing profiles on your iphone make you have a virus?
Comment from : Leah M.

EliteSpeartonYT UltimateModder
Have normal 🔋

Comment from : EliteSpeartonYT UltimateModder

Lee M. !
I can’t tell because my battery goes down fast if I use certain apps
Comment from : Lee M. !

Phoe A
How about PC?
Comment from : Phoe A

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