My Beauty Routine – From Start to Finish

my beauty routine

The three things I believe are essential to inner beauty are:

  • Sleep – at least eight hours a night
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Exercise in the great outdoors

Add to this a happy, healthy lifestyle and you will exude inner beauty – and inner beauty leads to natural outer beauty.

Daily Skin Routine

Sleep, water and exercise – unfortunately I don’t get enough of any of these three things, but it is my aim to do so on a daily basis. I always begin my day with a refreshing face scrub, usually something organic and natural with grains to buff away old skin cells and help my complexion to glow. It is gently massaged onto damp skin using small circles with the fingertips, and then rinsed off with warm water. Pat dry and I then apply moisturizer with a SPF 50+ to ward off those rays that can lead to wrinkles. Also, I use a gentle, natural clay-based face-pack quite often to deal with open pores and greasy skin.

Make-up wise, for everyday wear it’s a BB cream or tinted moisturiser. I finish off with powder and a couple of strokes of mascara. I never go out without plenty of lip balm or Vaseline, or collagen boosting lip moisturiser, as I feel dry and naked without it. I certainly need all this moisturiser as I walk out everyday, whatever the weather, letting the sun and fresh air get to my skin. Any exercise that increases heart rate and breathing and stretches the muscles is good, whether it’s jogging, a work out at the gym, or a Pilates or Yoga class at the local community centre.

Eating and Drinking
When it comes to eating, for me it’s all about trying to squeeze in something healthy. I try to drink water throughout the day and snack on fruit and nuts. I avoid fatty foods, chocolate and cake. Apart from the weight issue, these foods can lead to other health problems, such as spots or acne and it is far better to put food into our bodies that is going to do us some good.

Getting Dressed Up
For a night out or dinner-date, I apply more make-up. I begin with a colour correcting BB cream or a foundation that deals with red patches, blemishes and wrinkles. I am paranoid about having an orange jaw-line or streaks of foundation that show, so I always blend well with a cosmetic sponge. I conceal dark patches under the eye area with a cream concealing stick – runny so as not to pull at the delicate skin in the eye area – and finish off with powder. Eye make-up is more dramatic for evening wear; a liquid eye-liner to the top lid and outer eye area, and a smoky eye shadow.

I spritz on heat protection spray after a hair wash because I like straightening tongs to flatten out kinks and encourage the ends to lie smoothly on my shoulders rather than tickle my face and cheeks, which drives me to distraction.

Finally, here are my top beauty tips that really do work, and will simplify any beauty routine:

  • Leg hair is better removed with warm wax and strips, or an epilator, because shaving is too short-term and leads to spiky stubble
  • Eyebrow threading is a fantastic way to give your eyes shape and definition, plus it is cheap and very quick
  • Having highlights or lowlights in your hair is better than an all-over colour because re-growth is subtle, and hair is in better condition because you haven’t put chemicals all over your hair
  • On the occasions you don’t use conditioner after a hair wash, smooth Moroccan Argan Oil through your hair to help with knots and tangles, and beat the frizz
    Rather than a whole set of long nails which are difficult to maintain, keep nails shorter and smooth with an emery board. That way they are less likely to snap or peel and you have a whole set of nails which you can paint in a dramatic colour for a night out.